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Executive Board
The Executive Board concerns itself with the organizational aspects of United Netherlands and its activities. In 2013-2014 it consists of two positions, with the following members:


President: Andrea V. Gonzalez Negron

Andrea just obtained her BSc. degree in Economics at Maastricht University. Her main interest lies in international relations, particularly in issues regarding trade, finance and economic cooperation.

Being born and raised in Peru, she feels very connected to the issues of financial stability and macroeconomic policy in developing countries. One of the reasons why she came to Europe —to Germany for a high school exchange and to the Netherlands for her undergraduate studies— was because she wanted to learn about the European integration project and the path Europe followed toward a single market and a single currency.

Andrea likes to travel and discover other cultures as it helps her see the world from different perspectives. Recently she set out to Hong Kong for an exchange semester and spent the last month backpacking in China. One of the most rewarding experiences for her has been her participation in the United Netherlands delegation 2011-2012. 

Vice President & Treasurer: Chelsey Buurman

Chelsey is a BSc. Political Science student at Radboud University in Nijmegen, with a minor in Conflict Analysis and Management and Religiousstudies. In 2010 she was a delegate in the Dutch delegation of the European Youth Parliament for Water, after competing in national debating tournaments. In the summer of 2013 she received a scholarship to attend European Summer School in Prague.

United Netherlands is her third board year, after positions with In-Spe, working on raising political awareness, and the overarching organization for student clubs, B.O.S. Next to this, she writes for the largest student magazine on campus and is an active member within the Nijmegen Rowing Club. Her interests include international poltics, writing and travelling.

Chelsey believes in stepping out of her comfort zone to experience great things, which is why, after several years of interrailing and adventuring through Europe for musicfestivals and a summer in California, she undertook her first solo-backpacking tour in the Middle East when she was 18. UNL is another adventure to expand her horizon.

Junior Board of Studies

In the United Netherlands organization, the Junior Board of Studies concerns itself with the academic side of the activities. The two Head Delegates are in charge of the course United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (UNMD). The MUN Trainer is in charge of MUN trainings of the delegation to OxiMUN and HNMUN. In 2013-2014 the Junior Board of Studies consists of three positions, with the following members: 

Head Delegate: Romee Cnossen

Romee is a Master Student of North America Studies with a focus on Transatlantic relations at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She obtained a BA in English Language and Culture with a focus on American Studies in 2012. Her interests in this field were majorly triggered by her participation in a high school exchange in Toledo, Oregon in 2007. She resided in the USA for a full school year, and was able to observe the American society from a very close stance.

Besides her academic studies she is also actively engaged in student life at the Radboud University. She is one of the founding members of asap Nijmegen, a student party which takes seat in the University Student Council, and has been a member of several staff-student committees.

During the 2012-2013 academic year she successfully participated in the 10th delegation of United Netherlands and is very much looking forward to co-lead the Delegation to Oxford and Harvard this year. 

Head Delegate: Lydia Walter

Lydia is a Bachelor Student of International Relations in Groningen. She grew up in Austria where she successfully graduated in Europe Class, a program that is focused on languages and communication.

Subsequently, she lived in Switzerland, where she was working as a flight attendant and later moved to the Netherlands and Italy. Her interest in global affairs and her curiosity about other cultures and languages find their expression in extensive travels on all five continents.

Besides her study, she was an active member of a local Amnesty International group and she was working as a reporter for a student magazine on international politics. After an enthusiastic start into the world of MUN at GrunnMun 2011, she applied for United Netherlands and became part of the tenth delegation.

MUN Trainer: Frank van de Wolde

Frank is a Bachelor of Science student in International Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. A native Dutchman, he was born and raised in the Eindhoven area, after which he moved to Rotterdam. 
Besides his study there, he is also part of the managerial staff of a local Albert Heijn. Furthermore, he has been an active member of various associations. Frank enjoys reading about history, social geography, and international relations. 
To expand on these interests, Frank successfully applied for UNL's tenth delegation in the fall of 2012.

United Netherlands Academy
The United Netherlands Academy is responsible for developing and organizing workshops and training programs tailored to teach motivated students invaluable professional skills. In 2013-2014 it is led by one board member.

 Director General: Rachel Marty

Rachel Marty recently obtained her BSc. degree in Political science at Leiden University and is now a Master Student of Political Science at that same university. She grew up in France and moved to the Netherlands in her early teenage years.

Her interest for international relations brought her to do an exchange at the University of British Columbia in Canada, where she studied Canadian foreign politics.

After searching for new challenges related to the world of international relations, Rachel participated in the United Netherlands Delegation 2012-2013.

High School Program Secretariat
The High School Program Secretariat is responsible for organizing the High School Program. In 2013-2014 it is led by one board member:

Director General: Lot Hartman

Lot is a student of Liberal Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam, majoring in Astronomy and Intelligence Studies. She is interested in the exact sciences, but also in global politics, mainly in the field of international security.

She tries to search for an adventure in everything she does –whether through traveling or doing a board year with United Netherlands. She started traveling at a young age and got her first big experience when she was sixteen. Lot sailed on “Thor”, a replica of a Viking ship made of ice-cream sticks, to London. With every passing year, she opted for further destinations in her trips. That is how she became increasingly interested in the Middle East and Africa.

Lot participated in AMUN in Amsterdam in 2012 and applied for the UNL delegation shortly after, becoming thus part of the 10th Delegation.  


Senior Board of Studies
In the United Netherlands organization, the Senior Board of Studies helps safeguard the academic quality of the UNMD course, by working together with the Junior Board of Studies. This board consists of the following professors of Radboud University Nijmegen:

Prof. dr. H. Bak - American Studies (Chairman)
Dr. B. Bomert (Course coordinator) - Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management
Prof. dr. E. de Jong - Economics
Drs. J. van den Broek - Natural Sciences

Ms. R. Möhrlein LL.M.- Public International Law


Advisory Board
Arjen Kool
Biejan Poor Toulabi
Emma Bakels
Tom van Assendelft de Coningh
Jeroen Huiting

Supervisory Board
Joost van der Burgt (President)
Annalise Rietveld
Geert-Jan Besjes
Wouter Kruithof