Pictures by Peter Jan Kok

Executive Board
The Executive Board concerns itself with the organizational aspects of United Netherlands and its activities. In 2014 - 2015 it consists of three positions, with the following members:


President: Lotte Frissen 

Lotte has obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Bèta-Gamma with a major in Political Sciences - Governance and Policy - at the University of Amsterdam. This program prepared her to work in complex environments by focusing on transdisciplinary research skills. It furthermore taught her that contemporary problems often transgress disciplinary boundaries and that people hold different realities to be true; the combined effect often being conflict.

Throughout her studies, this concept of conflict has evoked a strong interest in the fields of interpersonal communication, conflict mediation and negotiation. That same interest also lead her to dedicate herself to the United Netherlands organisation. She has been an award winning delegate in the United Netherlands 11th delegation.

Aside from her studies, Lotte has successfully participated in consultations for a Dutch Think-Tank and gets a lot of energy and inspiration from music and people who have put their view on social responsibility into practice.

This year she aims to create a challenging environment that allows for creative thinking and subsequent innovation, in which all board members are provided structured guidance in reaching their personal and professional development goals.

Vice President & Treasurer: Ron Stoop

Ron is a student Political Science at the Radboud University Nijmegen, with a minor in Conflict Analysis and Management.

Ron’s interests lie in the area of International Relations; Eastern Europe in particular. Furthermore, he is interested in learning languages and intercultural communication. He has been an active member in various student organizations, where he organized and lead several committees and projects. What drives Ron is self-improvement, curiosity and ambition.

In 2014 he participated in the Public Speaking Program of United Netherlands and became known with the organization.









Director External Relations: Johnny Kerkhof

After obtaining his Propedeuses studying for History teacher, he made the switch to the Bachelors History at the Radboud University. Following his broad interests, and after finishing his Bachelors, he switched again and he is now finishing his Masters in Economic Geography. He has a respect for the inherent slowness of processes of change. He is interested in the cross-sections of the public and private sector and in the complex interplay between economy, society and politics.

Over the years he has developed a passion for enabling other people to fully deploy their talent. Teaching, training and enabling people to grow and are key drivers in his personality. He believes that people can make a difference and has a fascination with leadership in its many forms. In 2010 – 2011 he was proud to be a delegate of the UNMD track.

Outside his study and United Netherlands, Johnny is working as a student assistant at the Management faculty. Music and people who follow their passions – especially in the fields of social entrepreneurship, impact investment and locally produced food – inspire him greatly. 



Junior Board of Studies

In the United Netherlands organization, the Junior Board of Studies concerns itself with the academic side of the activities. The two Head Delegates are in charge of the course United Nations and Multilateral Diplomacy: Theory and Practice (UNMD). The MUN Trainer is in charge of MUN trainings of the delegation to OxiMUN and HNMUN. In 2014 - 2015 the Junior Board of Studies consists of three positions, with the following members: 

Head Delegate: Shimen Chang

Shimen is a Bachelor Student of Political Science at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Next to her studies, she can be found running the front office of Orient Plaza and assisting in its sales activities. Furthermore, she is involved in the Ruby and Rose foundation which organizes fundraising events for scientific research in the field of women's cancers.

In 2013, she was part of the 11th United Netherlands Delegation with which she successfully participated in the Oxford and Harvard Model United Nations conferences. Upon graduating from the program, she was eager to give the next Delegation the same enriching experience as she has had herself.

Thus, she applied for the position of Head Delegate and she is very much looking forward to co-lead the Delegation this year.












Head Delegate: Niels van Rosmalen

Niels is a Bachelor of Science student in Business Economics at the Radboud University. A native Dutchman, he was born and raised in the Den Bosch area, after which he moved to Nijmegen.  

Besides his studies, Niels has always been active in multiple student associations, boards and advisory organs. Amongst others, he has been president of B.O.S., an overarching organization for student associations and was a member of the University Student Council.

Niels presently gives advice to the University Subsidy Fund, works at hotel Mercure and is busy finishing his bachelor. His main task this year will consist of guiding and preparing the twelfth United Netherlands Delegation for Harvard.











MUN Trainer: Karsten Kip

Karsten is a student of International Relations and American Studies, at the University of Groningen. After all but completing both of these, he recently moved to Nijmegen.

During his time in Groningen, he served as a board member for the Dutch United Nations Student Association, and was responsible for organizing lectures and drinks on a weekly basis. He has furthermore had the pleasure to have lived in the US state of Michigan for half a year. Having been an avid MUN enthusiast since he first participated in on in 2010, he is very much looking forward to taking on the reins of the MUN part of the UNMD program."








United Netherlands Academy
The United Netherlands Academy is responsible for developing and organizing workshops and training programs tailored to teach motivated students invaluable professional skills. In 2014-2015 it is led by two board members.

Director General: Anne Willemsen

Anne is a BSc. psychology student with a focus on social psychology, besides that she is also a Master student in business law. One of the most rewarding experiences for her has been her participation in the 11th United Netherlands delegation.

Anne her motto is ‘success occurs when opportunity meets preparation’, during her student years Anne always looked for new opportunities and challenges herself. This resulted in 2013 in the establishment of her own company Motivation Monday.

Anne believes that people should develop their full potential and she loves to facilitate that throughout creating a safe and inspiring learning environment.  As a public speaking trainer Anne got the opportunity to help students to grow their self-confidence and skills in public speaking.








Secretary General: Gigi Xia 

Gigi is currently pursuing a Master in International Finance at University of Amsterdam.

Since she came to the Netherlands from China she’s had a variety of jobs, she’s worked for IDFA, Radio Nederland Worldwide and Chinese Nederland College. During all of these jobs she functioned as a mediator. She is a person who easily blends in and adapts.

Gigi is fascinated by the differences between Chinese and Western work ethic and corporate management, and strives to have a better understanding of both philosophies.

She joined UNL because she wanted to learn more about different cultures, in a friendly and professional environment that encourages growth.












High School Program Secretariat
The High School Program Secretariat is responsible for organizing the High School Program. In 2014-2015 it is led by one board member:


 Director General: Eef van den Berg

Eef studies human geography at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. For her, trust in her capabilities by herself and others, has allowed her to become an autonomous young woman. She demonstrated her autonomy in her function as Young Leader for the British Council, extensive traveling and classes that she taught to other pupils on several subjects. In the future, she strives to contribute to the feeling of empowerment and independence of young people throughout the world.

She was born and partly raised in Tanzania, which sparked a special interest in Sub-Saharan Africa. She feels mainly connected with issues of poverty, environment, equality and gender in history and as contemporary issues throughout the world.

By involving young people in global issues and training them on a valuable set of life skills, Eef believes that the High School Program can bring a valuable contribution to the development of young people everywhere. 



Senior Board of Studies
In the United Netherlands organization, the Senior Board of Studies helps safeguard the academic quality of the UNMD course, by working together with the Junior Board of Studies. This board consists of the following professors of Radboud University Nijmegen:

Prof. dr. H. Bak - American Studies (Chairman)
Dr. B. Bomert (Course coordinator) - Centre for International Conflict Analysis and Management
Prof. dr. E. de Jong - Economics
Drs. J. van den Broek - Natural Sciences

Ms. R. Möhrlein LL.M.- Public International Law


Advisory Board:

Tom van Assendelft de Conigh (President) 

Emma Bakels

Simona Iancu

Jelle Vos

Jeroen Huiting


Supervisory Board:

Wouter Kruithof (President)

Annalise Rietveld

Geert-Jan Besjes

René van den Bosch

Anoup Singh